Not only is it important that I know sex toys are safe, but also that my body is as well. By the time some models realize they selected a toy made of unsafe materials, it is too late. Many models discover toys made of unsafe material don’t last long and often become discoloured, for instance. In this post, I will also share how to create a safe environment within one’s body as well. Above all, with my 8 years of adult industry experience, I have confidence that you will be the master of creating any anal sex video you set your mind to.

100% pure platinum buttplug, perfect for anal sex videos and more

Preparing To Film

First and foremost, how does one prepare for filming anal sex videos? Personally, I find that using an enema is key. If you prefer not to use the type I just linked, you can usually find single use enemas at your local pharmacy. You’ll find instructions for use with the particular enema you purchase. Don’t be intimidated! I promise, it’s worth the effort to be clean. Beyond that, it’ll make you more confident during anal sex as well. You won’t be constantly worried “something happened” if you get my drift.

Tail buttplugs such as these are all the rage right now! They are so great for cosplay anal sex video creation. And a ton of fun with a partner. Check mine out by going to my links section.

One big safety measure that I factor in and consider is material. After you check it out, are the materials bodysafe? Is the company you’re buying it from avoiding listing the materials? If so, reconsider. Brands who are use safe materials do boast about that fact. For softer toys, 100% pure platinum silicone is safest. You see this most often as “100% silicone”.

For metal toys, I look into the cost & material before anything else. Anytime the toy is very cheap, it’s not 100% steel. Steel toys are quite heavy, and lighter ones that appear to be metal are simply coated. This coating will wear off over time, and runs the risk of chipping. When a metal toy chips, it can cause cuts and infections. Ouch!

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