Alli_Leigh is dressed up like a sexy devil in lingerie and devil horns for Halloween.

As a cam model of nearly 10 years, I have seen such a wide variety of adult novelty toys, particularly seasonal ones. I have to say, Halloween sex toys are by far my favourite to check out each year. It’s safe to say that with as many amazing toys there are to experience, there are just as many bad ones to dig through.

Read on as I show you my top picks for Halloween 2022, and keep an eye out for toys I use in future amateur home porn videos and photosets.

Spooky Sensation Play

two nipple clamps are pictured. one says "booo bies", the other is a ghost. both are metal charms on tweezer style clamps.

First on the list, these nipple clamps by TheTwistedScrew on Etsy are too adorable to miss! I love this tweezer style because it makes it so easy to adjust. To me, this makes it the perfect pain for pleasure toy to experiment with for beginners and experienced kinksters alike.

Candied nipple tassels halloween sex toy costume

Put the treat back into trick-or-treat with this sensual set of candy nipple tassels. Particularly when you’re with another sexy ghoul, candy tassels, panties, bras, &c. provide unforgettable foreplay.

Unlike most items on my list, this one is fairly mass produced so you can find it at a variety of places. Linked in the image is an Amazon listing, but do your research to ensure you’re getting the best deal and quality.

When thinking of sensation play during Halloween, I can’t help but think about consumable treats like this lickable candle. Melt it on yourself or partner, and enjoy multiple types of sensations all in one session.

Your costume might need to stay in the bedroom for this one, but I think this is the perfect begginer’s bondage kit by Adam & Eve for a solo performer, or couples. Experiment with sensation play while blindfolded, maybe combining with waxplay for an extra layer of experience. The cuffs are comfy for longer play, and fairly to use alone as well as with others.

And you cannot go wrong with a quilted paddle. 😉

What more can I say about the one cock ring to rule them all? Created by LovecraftersToys, this cock ring is sure to be your partner’s favourite costume. Why dress up with a whole costume when the perfect ring already exists? 😉

Insertable Sex Toys for E-Ghouls

Halloween dildo sex toys orange and black made from pure platinum silicone

Second to the list is an absolute favourite Halloween sex toy 2022 release from TwistedMountainToys. Altogether, their design and texture choices are flawless. I can’t get over how fun their colours are for this spooky season! The material of insertable sex toys is undebatably the most important aspect. So, these being made of high quality body safe platinum cure silicone is a huge plus. Furthermore, they are easy to clean, just be sure not to use a silicone based lube with these amazing toys.

Witches broom suction cup dildo with two tones

You don’t come by a suction cup dildo like the Brümhilda Witches Broom Dildo by TwistedFantasiesShop often! Third on my list, it is sure to dust out any cobwebs that 2019-2022 provided. Despite the grooves, this is easy to clean and provides a textured girth during use that I just love with Halloween sex toys.

Femur bone dildo perfect for Halloween sex toys! OnlyFans content creators need this dildo for 2022.

If you’ve got a bone to pick, you’re in luck! This e-ghoul dildo is beyond-the-grave perfect for Halloween. I love how easy it is to clean and store discretely.

Interested in getting a bone of your own? Just click the photo, or head over to YourVagestysKingdom on Etsy.

Release your inner big bad wolf with this fantastic Grey wolf and tail buttplug by Adam & Eve. Because the plug itself is a bit long, but girthy where it counts, it’s great for long term wear through the night for the kinkiest parties. It’s also a lot more comfortable for cam sessions as opposed to metal buttplugs.

Thank you so much for checking out my first article on sex toy favourites! Be sure to comment on which one is your favourite, and let me know what kind of lists you’d like to see from me in the future.

Be excellent, my boops! 💚