Chaturbate announces premiere model Alli_Leigh is attending Sex Expo 2022 in NYC. After years away from live Expos, I’m so excited to meet & greet fans of Chaturbate and Alli Leigh alike. Be sure to grab your tickets ahead of time to ensure you’re all set!

If you haven’t heard of Sex Expo before, it’s quite unlike other adult entertainment expos. Because the focus is on sexual wellness, the variety extends outside the adult entertainment industry. This allows for more diversity in a multitude of ways, giving attendees a unique experience with amazing hand picked vendors.

Just like with all things Alli Leigh, you must be over 18 to attend this expo. Tickets are quite affordable, and range from $30-50 depending on what package you’d like.

sex expo 2022 model alli_leigh attending the chaturbate booth. fans of alli leigh can meet her at the expo!

Countdown To Sex Expo…


Countdown to the expo! I can hardly wait to see you.

The Expo Experience… from home, and beyond

sex expo 2022 attendee Alli Leigh checks the fridge for sexy snacks

Can’t attend Sex Expo, but want to join in on the fun? I’ll be live streaming October 1 & 2 from my Chaturbate channel. You can also check out my blog posts– I’m sure to update there lots before and during my trip.

As always, fans of Alli Leigh aka Alli_Leigh can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and more. Just check out the Links section above for where you can find me online.

During my visit at Sex Expo, Chaturbate will be shooting a professional lingerie shoot of me. I’m so excited to work with more talent as the cool vibrancy of autumn settles in. Not to mention, it’s so exciting getting to see other online adult sexual wellness models after so long!

And like I said, even if you can’t make the event itself, there will be live streams, photosets, and possibly more. We have so much to look forward to on this adventure, and fans of Alli Leigh aka alli_leigh are sure to love every minute of it.

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